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47 DIY Spring Decor Ideas to Welcome Spring with Open Arms

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your living space by adding colorful and cheerful handmade decorations after a long, dreary winter. Discover the best DIY spring decoration ideas for simple and impactful home updates.

Spring decor ideas

Spring officially begins on March 20th, so many people choose to start preparing their homes for the warm season around that time. However, the exact timing varies by preference and location. People living in warmer climates may start earlier, while those from colder areas may wait until April or May if they live in a colder area. Check the weather daily and look for blooming flowers as a clear indicator of the beginning of spring.

With the warmer weather and longer days, there’s no better time to get creative and add color to your living space. In this article, we explore easy and affordable ways to bring the beauty of spring into your home with DIY projects, from incorporating seasonal flowers to adding playful accents.

Here is a list of the DIY spring decor projects described in this article:

  • DIY 3D paper flowers
  • DIY potted paper flower ball
  • DIY cherry blossom tree
  • DIY mason jar floral arrangement
  • DIY apothecary jar floral display
  • DIY color-block wooden vase
  • DIY ombre glass bottle vase
  • DIY light bulb flower vase
  • DIY rustic painted flowerpot
  • DIY wooden planter with geometric patterns
  • DIY copper white succulent planters
  • DIY magnetic daffodil planters
  • DIY macrame hanging planter
  • DIY indoor plant trellis
  • DIY concrete flower stand
  • DIY origami flower art
  • DIY giant paper flowers wall decor
  • DIY felt flower wall art
  • DIY felt pansy wall art
  • DIY pinecone flower wall art
  • DIY embroidery hoop floral wall decor
  • DIY floral embroidery artwork
  • DIY 3D flower artwork
  • DIY flower painting
  • DIY botanical wall art
  • Printable wall art with spring quotes
  • DIY wine cork letter
  • DIY flower monogram
  • DIY concrete letters
  • DIY wooden block letters with tiny vases
  • DIY chalk paint stenciled garden rocks
  • DIY wine cork butterfly decor
  • DIY colorful yarn wall hanging
  • DIY paper leaf wreath
  • DIY air plant wreath
  • DIY gift wrap cut-out flower garland
  • DIY backyard flower garland lights
  • DIY floral lucite tray
  • DIY painted paper tray organizer
  • DIY pressed flower coasters
  • DIY colorful tufted pillows
  • DIY flower mirror wall decor
  • DIY marbled watercolor shower curtain
  • DIY rainbow wooden floor mat
  • DIY multicolored kitchen chairs
  • DIY ladder shelf
  • DIY painted stair risers

Keep reading to learn more about each DIY spring decoration idea, including instructions, suggestions, and tutorial sources. We have also included simple tips for getting started with spring decorations at home, together with more info in our FAQs section.

1. DIY 3D paper flowers

3D Paper Flower for Spring

3D paper flowers are a beautiful and affordable way to decorate your home and celebrate spring with faux floral arrangements. Making these flowers is an easy project for beginners that involves minimal origami techniques, pipe cleaners, and glue. Check out our 3D paper flower tutorial for supplies and instructions. 

DIY 3D paper flowers are a versatile project since you can use any paper colors to fit any spring decor theme. Additionally, the resulting flowers can become part of larger designs. For example, create a wreath for an interior door or an accent wall, or make flower bouquets for centerpieces or vases.

2. DIY potted paper flower ball

Diy potted paper flower ball

A potted paper flower ball is a delightful and whimsical way to invite spring into your home. This decoration features a tiny clay pot with a stick-inserted ball covered with miniature paper flowers in pastel hues, such as pink, yellow, or lavender. Arrange the paper flowers in a spherical shape to resemble a blooming flower ball. See our potted paper flower ball tutorial for the complete list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

There are many ways to customize this design. For instance, pastel shades create a delicate look, bright hues add a dramatic effect, while monochromatic flowers like white add elegance. Consider making several potted paper flower balls for centerpieces, entryway consoles, or as part of a party display. 

This DIY project is great for keeping kids busy and involving them in spring home decorations. For example, they can choose the paper colors and insert the tiny flowers into the polystyrene ball with pushpins.

3. DIY cherry blossom tree

Cherry blossom bouquet

A cherry blossom tree is a beautiful sight to behold and a great spring table decoration. Whether you want to create a stunning centerpiece or add floral flair to your living room, incorporating cherry blossoms into your decor will brighten up any space and create a romantic atmosphere.

Instead of buying artificial cherry blossom branches, make your own from a bare branch and tissue paper in several red or pink hues to create an ombre effect and give the cherry blossom tree an authentic look. InStyle Magazine teaches you how to make the petals, cherry bud balls, and cherry centers of this spring table decoration, so visit the website to check out the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

4. DIY mason jar floral arrangement

Mason jar flower vase - Spring Decorations for Home

A mason jar floral arrangement is a simple and charming way to bring the beauty of spring flowers into your home. And it is great for repurposing mason jars.

Follow these steps to easily make a mason floral arrangement for spring decor:

  1. Gather your supplies: fresh or faux flowers, a mason jar, floral foam, scissors, and ribbon. Choose your favorite spring flowers, such as tulips, daisies, or roses.
  2. Start by cutting the stems at an angle with scissors to fit the height of your mason jar.
  3. Next, place floral foam inside the mason jar to help keep the flowers in place and hydrated.
  4. After that, insert the flower stems into the floral foam in a pleasing arrangement. For example, mix and match different colors and types of flowers for a more vibrant display.
  5. Optionally, tie a ribbon around the neck of the mason jar for extra presentation points.

Display your new mason jar floral arrangement on a windowsill, on a tabletop, or as a table centerpiece. Consider making multiple arrangements in different sizes and colors for a cohesive look throughout your home.

5. DIY apothecary jar floral display

Apothecary centerpieces - Spring Dining Table Decor

An apothecary jar floral display is a classic and elegant way to add springtime beauty to your home decor. This display features a lidded apothecary jar filled with a couple of inches of water with floating rose stems that were trimmed down to about 2 inches. Read all about it at Tikkido.

This DIY project makes room for creativity since you can use apothecary jars of any sizes and arrange the flowers in a preferred style. Pick roses or other spring-themed blooms, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and cherry blossoms. Take it a step further by making a bouquet of different spring flowers.

The beauty of this display lies in its simplicity – the clear glass allows the natural colors and textures of the flowers to shine through, while the apothecary jar adds a touch of vintage charm. Place this floral display on dining room tables, in bathrooms, in entryways, or on mantels to bring a fresh burst of springtime energy into any room.

6. DIY color-block wooden vase

Color block wood vases - DIY Spring Decor

A color-block wooden vase adds elegance and sophistication to your spring decor. Featuring natural wood hues with pastel blocks of color, this decorative piece brightens up any indoor or outdoor space. Pulling off this design is quite simple since you must wrap wooden sheets around a glass vase and use craft paint to make the pastels. Go to Sarah Hearts to get all the details.

The unique design of these color-block wooden vases allows for interesting combinations of texture and color. For example, stick to pastel shades or switch to bright tones for a more vibrant look, especially if you wish to make a statement. Place vases in groups on shelves, tables, mantels, or windowsills and fill them with spring blooms for an eye-catching centerpiece. Alternatively, use these vessels as sculptural accents on their own for a stylish look.

7. DIY ombre glass bottle vase

Diy vase ombre - Spring Home Decor

An ombre glass bottle vase is a simple and stunning way to welcome spring through home decorations. This vase features a clear glass bottle that has been painted with an ombre effect – the color transitions from light to dark, creating a beautiful gradient effect. Learn how to make an ombre glass bottle vase using spray paint, rubbing alcohol, and warm water, courtesy of The Crafted Life. The project takes only 10 minutes of your time., making it excellent for last-minute decorations.

This vase is versatile since you can use it as a centerpiece on a dining table, place it on a mantel or shelf for added visual interest, or even use it outdoors for garden parties or weddings. Pick any spray paint color for the ombre effect or decorate several vases with different colors. Fill the vase with fresh or faux flowers, such as peonies, roses, or hydrangeas, in colors that complement the ombre design and fit into the spring decor narrative.

8. DIY light bulb flower vase

Diy light bulb flower vase

A DIY light bulb flower vase is a creative spring decoration to repurpose old light bulbs and display greenery or tiny floral arrangements, such as snowdrops. This handmade project involves removing the internal components of a light bulb and filling the bulb with water. The flower stems can then be inserted into the opening at the top of the bulb.

To display a light bulb flower vase and welcome spring into your home, place it on a small stand, such as a wooden block or metal base. Or, hang it from the ceiling or against a wall using thin wire or a fishing line to create a floating effect. Another option is to group several light bulb vases together at varying heights to create an interesting and dynamic display.

Go to Life Is A Party to learn how to easily make a hanging light bulb flower vase from burnt-out light bulbs and start working on this spring decor project immediately.

9. DIY rustic painted flowerpot

DIY Rustic Spring Flower Pots

A rustic painted flowerpot is a simple way to spruce up your spring decorations without breaking the bank by painting a plain clay pot, applying a stencil, and embellishing it with hemp twine. The project is customizable since you can paint it any color and add any stencil. For instance, add stencil with flower, butterfly, a word like “Spring” or a short sentence like “Welcome spring.” Make the stencil unique by using your own handwriting. Learn how to make a rustic painted flowerpot from our guide. It is an excellent activity to do with kids as they can help with painting and adding their own creative touches. After completing the project, place a potted plant inside your newly painted flowerpot and display it on your windowsill or porch for springtime flair.

10. DIY wooden planter with geometric patterns

DIY Wood Planter Box wth Geometric Patterns

A wooden planter with geometric patterns is a contemporary way to elevate any space and welcome spring with a cheerful design for your succulents. The planter features a wooden base that you can intricately design with geometric shapes, such as triangles or hexagons. Make the planter by inserting water-filled glass bottles into thin wood sheets that you have glued and painted. Check out Tell Love and Party for the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

11. DIY copper white succulent planters

Copper Succulent Planter

DIY copper white succulent planters are stylish and contemporary for bringing beauty into your home to welcome spring. These tiny planters are square glass vases spray-painted white and decorated with copper foil in a radial pattern. Check out Homey Oh My for the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

The warm metallic finish of copper is balanced by the white paint and natural green of cool, crisp succulents. This combination creates a visually striking spring decoration that will surely add eye-catching flair to any room in your home. And because succulents require little water and care, these planters are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of fresh plants without committing to a high-maintenance gardening routine.

These succulent planters are fully customizable when it comes to the container and colors. For example, use a round vase, a mason jar, or a candle holder. Choose any spray paint instead of white, any pattern instead of radial, and gold or silver foil instead of copper. Consider crafting a bunch of these succulent planters, each with a distinct style.

12. DIY magnetic daffodil planters

Magnetic Planters for Daffodils

DIY magnetic daffodil planters are a fun and creative way to display daffodils in your home. Besides, daffodils are emblematic flowers of the renewal season, thanks to their vibrant color and cheery shape. Make these planters by attaching magnets to old metal spice containers decorated with washi tape and scrapbook paper. Then fill the planters with soil and daffodils. Check out Delineate Your Dwelling for more info. Easily stick these magnetic planters to any metal surface in your home, whether you wish to make your refrigerator livelier or create a unique display on a metal shelf. 

13. DIY macrame hanging planter

DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

A DIY macrame hanging planter is a stylish way to display your favorite plants while adding a touch of spring to your decor. This type of planter is made from natural fibers, such as cotton or jute, that are knotted together in intricate patterns to create a beautiful hanger for your potted plants. It features long cords tied together at the top, which can be hung from a ceiling hook or wall bracket. The bottom of the hanger has a loop or basket that holds the plant pot securely in place.

Adding macrame hanging planters to your space is not only visually appealing but also functional, as they help free up floor space and add height to your spring decor. They’re perfect for displaying trailing vines, succulents or any other small potted plant you want to showcase indoors or outside on your porch or balcony.

Brit + Co teaches you how to make a colorful macrame hanging planter from jersey fabric or old t-shirts, so check out their complete tutorial. Consider crafting several pieces for a stunning display of greenery using the same color for a cohesive look or several colors for a cheerful style worthy of spring decor.

14. DIY indoor plant trellis

Indoor plant trellis

An indoor plant trellis is a beautiful and functional addition to your spring decor. It decks out an empty wall with plants and greenery, creating a stunning vertical garden that adds life and vibrancy to any room in your home. The indoor plant trellis also serves as a practical solution for small-space gardening.

Choose from a variety of plants to adorn your trellis, from flowering vines like jasmine or passionflower to leafy climbers like philodendron or pothos. As the plants grow, they will create a natural backdrop that evokes feelings of calm and tranquility, ideal for welcoming spring.

Vintage Revivals has an excellent tutorial for making an indoor plant trellis using long and thin wooden boards to create a diamond pattern. The flower pots are attached with leather straps. Visit the website to check out the complete instructions and helpful tips so that you can start working on this spring decor project right away. Check out more plant trellis ideas.

15. DIY concrete flower stand

Diy concrete flower stand - Outdoor Spring Decorations

A concrete flower stand is an excellent addition to your spring home decor as it adds a modern touch while still being functional. Concrete flower stands are great for outdoor use as they are durable and weather-resistant; they will last years. Creating this piece is easy when using DIY fine particle cement, as demonstrated by our concrete flower stand tutorial.

This spring decor idea is versatile since you can add personality to your concrete flower stand in various ways. For example, paint over the concrete in bright colors, create intricate patterns than fit your home style, use stencils, or attach flowers, greenery, and other small embellishments to make the stand livelier. Check out our collection of plant stand ideas for more inspiration. 

16. DIY origami flower art

Origami flower art

Origami flower art is a beautiful way to add a touch of spring to your home decor. With just a few simple folds, create stunning paper flowers and attach them to a picture frame. Display the frame on a shelf, drawer, mantel, or windowsill, or add a piece of twine to create a hanger and dress up an empty wall. This project is customizable since you can use various colors and patterns of paper to create flowers in different sizes for an eye-catching display at home or office. Check out our origami flower art tutorial to learn more about this easy DIY project.

17. DIY giant paper flowers wall decor

Giant tissue paper flowers - Spring Decorations for Office

DIY giant paper flowers create a stunning wall decoration display sprinkled with springtime charm. This type of decoration involves crafting large, colorful flowers out of paper and arranging them on a wall to create a focal point. It’s a great spring decorating idea for schools and home offices. We stumbled upon this idea at White House Black Shutters.

To create giant paper flowers for spring decor, you’ll need some basic crafting supplies such as tissue paper, scissors, floral wire, and glue. Begin by selecting the colors that you’d like your flowers to be. Soft pastel shades like pink, yellow or blue work particularly well for this purpose.

There are many ways to craft paper flowers for spring decor. For example, use tissue paper, cardstock, cupcake liners, or origami paper. Choose the preferred the flowers, such as dahlias, poppies, or carnations, and pick a color scheme. Soft pastel shades like pink, yellow or blue work particularly well for this purpose, and you can also include green leaves. After crafting a bunch of flowers, decide on the wall arrangement style, such as horizontal or vertical, and attach each piece to the wall with glue. If the glued flowers are too heavy, they might fall off, so it’s best to choose a sturdier method, like drilling holes into the wall and attaching the flowers with floral wire and pushpins.

18. DIY felt flower wall art

Spring Felt Flower Wall Art

Felt flower wall art is a charming and easy DIY project that adds a whimsical touch to your spring home decor. The goal of this project is to make a flower from colorful felt sheets, pom-pom ribbon, and silk ribbon, using a disc-shaped denim-covered cardboard as backing. Get kids involved by having them choose the felt colors and cut and glue the petals. Check out the complete instructions for making felt flower wall art from our website. When the project is ready, hang your new felt flower wall art on a prominent wall in your home to bring a pop of color and joy into your space.

19. DIY felt pansy wall art

Diy felt pansy wall art

DIY felt pansy wall art is a great way to express your artistic side while turning a seasonal flower into artwork for spring decor. Our guide teaches you how to make simple pansies with yellow and purple leaves and green leaves, then attach them to a spray-painted wooden board with a circle wreath made from rope. Check out our felt pansy wall art tutorial for the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

20. DIY pinecone flower wall art

Diy pinecone flower wall art

DIY pinecone flower wall art is a fantastic way to infuse rustic charm and natural beauty into your spring home decorations. This type of decor showcases pinecones that have been painted and arranged to resemble a flower bouquet, creating a stunning piece of handmade wall art. Since no two pinecones are the same, the resulting artwork will be unique.

Learn all about making pinecone flower wall art from our intuitive tutorial. It is a customizable project for incorporating natural elements into your home decor for springtime since you can paint pinecones in various ways, depending on the preferred style. For example, use multiple colors for a cheerful look or a single color if you prefer the monochromatic style.

21. DIY embroidery hoop floral wall decor

Diy embroidery hoop floral wall decor

DIY embroidery hoop wall decor is a simple way to add spring vibes to your home with floral art. It is an easy project that does not require embroidery skills.

Embroidery hoops are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, making them versatile for any spring decor style. Use them to create unique wall art by stretching fabric or lace over the hoop and adding a floral design using felt, pom-poms, and ribbons. Or, attach faux flowers or greenery to the hoop for an effortless yet stunning look.

The best part about embroidery hoop wall decor is that it is easy to switch out with the seasons or as your taste changes. Check out our embroidery hoop wall decor tutorial to learn how to make floral art using an embroidery hoop, felt, lace, pom-poms, and ribbons.

22. DIY floral embroidery artwork

Diy floral embroidery artwork projects

DIY floral embroidery artwork is a unique way to welcome spring into your home by stitching delicate flowers and foliage onto fabric. There are several ways to approach floral embroidery artwork. For example, create dainty little buds or large blooming roses with simple or highly detailed leaves, depending on your preferred style and embroidery experience. Use bright and bold or soft and muted colors, depending on the desired effect. Check out our collection of floral embroidery designs, ranging from traditional blooms to abstract geometric patterns.

23. DIY 3D flower artwork

Spring Art with 3D Flowers

DIY 3D flower artwork is a stunning modern decoration to welcome spring into your home. In this crafting project, you must print a flower stencil, trace the outline, and partly cut the outline with a craft knife. Then you must gently curl the edges of each petal with your fingers to give them some dimension. Next, place the stencil on top of another sheet of different colored paper to create a two-tone design. Finally, move the design to a shadow box and seal it. Learn more about making 3D flower artwork from our website.

The beauty of contemporary 3D flower artwork is that you can use any stencil; explore various templates online or create your own. Make an entire gallery wall for spring decor using 3D flower artwork with different designs or the same design but different colors. For example, craft four pieces using white paper for the front layer and blue, pink, orange, and green paper for the back layers.

24. DIY flower painting

Diy flower painting projects for beginners

Flower paintings are a classic way to make your home more cheerful and prepare it for spring wall decor. Although you can purchase paintings with floral motifs, making your own is more rewarding. If you do not have painting experience, there are many flower paintings for beginners to try. It is a fantastic way to start an artistic hobby.

25. DIY botanical wall art

Botanical Wall Art for Spring

Botanical wall art is beautiful and timeless for inviting nature using spring motifs. It features dry plants instead of illustrations, which makes the entire artwork feel authentic. Whether a large statement piece or a collection of smaller prints, botanical art creates a stunning focal point on any wall. It is perfect for adding a pop of color to neutral spaces or complementing existing decor themes.

Visit The Kipi Blog to learn how to make framed botanical wall art with taped dry flowers for your spring home decorations. For example, use the same frame type for all artwork pieces to create a cohesive look or mix different frames for an eclectic style, depending on your preferences.

26. Printable wall art with spring quotes

Printable Wall Art - Welcome Spring Quotes

Printable wall art is an excellent choice for adding a touch of spring to your living room, bedroom, or office space. These digital prints can be downloaded and printed at home, making them an affordable and convenient option. Popular spring themes for printable wall art include blooming flowers, pastel colors, and nature-inspired designs. Choose from a variety of styles, such as watercolor paintings, minimalist graphics, or typography prints with inspirational quotes.

Crafting on the Fly offers free printable wall art with simple spring quotes such as “Spring is in the air,” “Spring has sprung,” “Welcome spring,” and “Live in full bloom.” Download one of these templates or all, print them on high-quality glossy paper, frame the paper sheets, and hang them or lean them against a wall as part of your spring decor.

Make your own printable wall art by using an image editing service with numerous free templates such as Canva. Here are some examples of welcome spring quotes to add to your artwork:

  • “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams
  • “The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” – Jessica Harrelson
  • “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland
  • “Springtime is the land awakening.” – Lewis Grizzard
  • “Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” – Unknown
  • “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” – Sitting Bull
  • “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” – Margaret Atwood
  • “Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” – Anita Krizzan
  • “Every spring is a new beginning and a chance to make something beautiful.” – Unknown

27. DIY wine cork letter

Diy cork monogram - Spring Decorations

Wine cork letters are a creative and unique way to add warm, character, and a touch of spring to your home decor. These letters are made by gluing wine corks together in the shape of letters, creating a rustic and charming look. For spring home decorations, choose pastel-colored corks or paint them in soft hues like pink, yellow, or green. For an extra pop of color and texture, add small flowers or greenery to the corks. Wine cork letters can be displayed on shelves, mantels, or mounted on walls as a statement piece. Learn how to craft wine cork letters from our tutorial.

28. DIY flower monogram

Flower Monogram

A DIY flower monogram is a charming way to infuse springtime vibes into your home decor. This decoration features a letter or initial made from beautifully arranged artificial flowers that were glued to a paper mache letter filled with floral foam.

Visit Adventures of a DIY Mom to get the complete list of supplies and step-by-step instructions for making this spring decor. Attach the letter to a natural or stained wooden block for elegance points; it will be easier to place the decor in an upright position. Consider making several floral monograms to spell a word, such as “SPRING” or “HOME”, and using a long wooden block as backing.

There are many ways to incorporate flower monograms into your spring decor. For instance, place them on mantels, windowsills, or shelves, use them as table centerpieces, or turn them into wall hangings by drilling holes and adding strings. Additionally, floral monograms make wonderful gifts for friends and family members who appreciate handmade crafts and personalized touches.

29. DIY concrete letters

Diy concrete letters - Spring Welcome Sign

Concrete letters are durable spring welcome signs you can craft for indoor or outdoor decorations. Use concrete letters to spell any word, such as “HOME,” “SPRING,” or “RENEWAL.” Making your own concrete letters is easier than it sounds since you can use a DIY fine particle cement kit. Take this DIY project a step further by decorating the concrete letters with natural or faux flowers and greenery. Check out our complete guide for making concrete letters.

30. DIY wooden block letters with tiny vases

Spring Vase with Pre-Made Blocks and Sign

Wooden block letters with tiny vases are unique and charming for sprucing up your spring decorations. The secret is drilling wooden block letters to insert water-filled test tubes for holding flowers. Go to Tried and True Blog to learn all the details. This DIY project is quite versatile and easy to incorporate into any decor style, from farmhouse chic to modern minimalist. For instance, spell short words, such as “SPRING” or “BLOOM,” then paint the letters and stain the wood.

31. DIY chalk paint stenciled garden rocks

Chalk paint stenciled garden rocks - Spring Porch Decor

Chalk paint stenciled garden rocks are a fun and creative way to add personality to your outdoor space this spring. Embellish large flat river rocks with bright and vibrant chalk paint colors using stencils with flowers, words, or any other symbols of renewal. Get the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions from Design Improvised.

Consider crafting a bunch of chalk paint stenciled garden rocks for creating a colorful border for your garden or adding whimsical accents around your patio. They are easy, affordable, and make a big impact when it comes to spring decor.

32. DIY wine cork butterfly decor

Wine cork butterfly - Spring Decorating Ideas

Wine cork butterfly decor is a delightful DIY project for creating spring decorations using butterflies, a symbol of transformation, change, and growth. This decor involves cutting the wine corks to fit a butterfly outline, painting them in bright colors, and then assembling them together to form the shape of a butterfly. See our wine cork butterfly decor guide for instructions. For a more whimsical touch, make the wings from patterned paper or fabric.

Once assembled, display these beautiful wine cork butterflies on walls or shelves to add an eye-catching focal point to your home spring decor. Additionally, this DIY project is easy and fun to do with kids, making it a great activity for the whole family during the warm season.

33. DIY colorful yarn wall hanging

Diy colorful yarn wall hanging

A DIY colorful yarn hanging is a beautiful idea for decking out an empty wall and preparing for the arrival of spring. It involves weaving strands of yarn or other fibers to create a decorative piece of art that can be hung on the wall.

Check out our tutorial for easily making a colorful yarn wall hanging without using a loom. It is just necessary to tie knots to a wooden stick, allowing the yarn strands to hang naturally. This DIY project is simple enough for kids. It is versatile since you can choose the colors and control the height and shape of the yarn.

Consider crafting several wall hangings with colorful yarn to create an accent wall. They will add warmth and texture to a dead space and make an excellent conversation starter for guests.

34. DIY paper leaf wreath

Paper Flowers - DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

A DIY paper leaf wreath is a beautiful and inexpensive way to add natural charm to your home decor for spring. It is made from colored paper, cardboard, and a silk ribbon. This DIY project is great to share with kids as they can help cut leaves and arrange them on the cardboard form. For an extra dimension and texture, add more embellishments, such as small flowers. Once finished, hang this wreath on an interior door or empty wall. Since it is paper, the wreath is too delicate for the front door on the outside; it will likely get blown away by wind or damaged by rain. Learn how to make a paper leaf wreath from our guide.

35. DIY air plant wreath

Air plant wreath - Spring Door Decorations

A DIY air plant wreath is fantastic for decorating an interior door and bringing greenery into your home for springtime freshness. The beauty of air plants is that they do not need soil and rarely require watering, making them ideal for low-maintenance home decorations. Make this wreath by arranging Tillandsia varieties in an eye-catching circular pattern using a grapevine wreath. Add more natural embellishments, such as moss and lichen. Get the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions from Calypte Collection. After completing this craft, hang the air plant wreath on an interior door, mantel, or empty wall. Check out more spring wreath ideas.

36. DIY gift wrap cut-out flower garland

Paper flower bee garlands - Decorated Front Porches for Spring

A DIY gift wrap cut-out flower garland is a type of garland made from colorful gift wrap paper that has been cut into flower shapes and strung together on a string or ribbon. It is a creative way to use leftover gift wrap.

To make this spring decor, trace and cut out flower shapes from various sheets of gift wrap paper. Feel free to combine flowers with other spring motifs, such as bees or birds. Pick different colors and patterns to create a vibrant and eye-catching garland that adds an energetic pop of color to any space. After making the necessary cut-outs, string them together using a needle and thread or glue them onto a ribbon. The result is a beautiful garland for hanging on walls, draping over mantels, decorating the front porch, or setting a backdrop for party decorations or photo sessions.

Learn more about making a gift wrap cut-out flower garland from High Walls‘ tutorial. This DIY project is easy and affordable for families or craft enthusiasts.

37. DIY backyard flower garland lights

Flower light garland - Spring Living Room Decor

Backyard flower garland lights are fun and whimsical to create a cozy outdoor space in spring. The garland features a string of lights, each adorned with cupcake liners that resemble flowers. Go to Inspired By This for more information.

This DIY project is versatile. For example, keep the natural color of the cupcake liners or dip the tops in food coloring mixed with water to create gorgeous pastels. Hang these garlands from trees or drape them across fences to create a soft glow for spring evening events like barbecues or garden parties.

38. DIY floral lucite tray

Spring Tray Decor with Duct Tape

A floral lucite tray is chic and elegant for adding springtime charm to your home decor. The transparent lucite material creates a light and airy feel, while the blooming floral design adds a touch of natural beauty. This tray is perfect for displaying small items like candles, vases, or decorative objects, or for serving drinks and snacks to guests. Its versatile design makes it easy to incorporate into any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom. And because it is easy to clean and maintain, you can enjoy this stunning piece all season long without worrying about upkeep.

Crafting a floral lucite tray is quite easy with color and pattern duct tape. Check out Swell Mayde for more information about this spring decoration idea.

39. DIY painted paper tray organizer

Painted trays

A painted paper tray organizer adds an interesting, colorful accent to a home or office setting in spring. It is a decorative piece that allows you to put your flower painting skills to the test. Consider making several organizers with different floral designs and spring patterns. Get more information from The House That Lars Built. A paper tray organizer is functional for storing small items, from mail and documents to craft supplies, keys, and glasses.

40. DIY pressed flower coasters

Dried flower coasters - Spring Coffee Table Decor

DIY pressed flower coasters are functional spring decor since they display beautiful flowers on wooden slices while holding glasses to protect surfaces from humidity. They would make a lovely addition to any coffee table and a gift for anyone who loves nature-inspired decor. Make pressed flowers between sheets of wax paper to preserve their natural beauty and color, carefully arrange them on round wood slices, and seal the flowers with epoxy resin. Head to The Crafted Life for details.

This DIY project allows you to create a unique combination of flowers and colors. Stick to the spring theme by using seasonal flowers, such as snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, and forget-me-nots. Additionally, you can repurpose the pressed flower coasters into hanging decor by drilling a small hole and attaching a piece of twine or string.

41. DIY colorful tufted pillows

Colorful Tufted Spring Pillows

DIY colorful tufted pillows are a fun and easy way to add texture and color to your spring home decor while putting your sewing skills to the test. Consider making a set of handmade pillows in various pastel colors or floral patterns. Get the list of supplies and step-by-step instructions from Sugar & Cloth. After completing the project, display your new pillows on a couch or bed to instantly add visual interest and make your home feel cozier for guests.

42. DIY flower mirror wall decor

DIY Flower Mirror Wall Decor with Crepe Paper

A flower mirror wall decor is a fantastic idea to dress up an old mirror with colorful crepe paper and make it part of your spring decorations. Craft a handful of brightly-colored paper flowers using crepe tissue paper and attach them to a fun round mirror. If the frame isn’t too pretty, paint it a happy yellow color. We stumbled upon this idea at Bespoke Bride.

43. DIY marbled watercolor shower curtain

Spring Shower Curtain with Marbled Watercolors

A marbled watercolor shower curtain creates an eye-catching spring decor for your bathroom, thanks to lovely pastel swirls. The marbling technique has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it looks beautiful and is easy to create yourself. Make this shower curtain using latex paint and fabric medium. Go to Cuckoo 4 Design to check out the full tutorial.

Add matching accessories in fun prints and colorful shades for a complete spring-inspired look, such as fluffy towels, brightly patterned rugs, and planters filled with vibrant flowers. For a more subtle approach, choose neutral colors such as beige and white, then accessorize with smaller items in brighter shades.

44. DIY rainbow wooden floor mat

Rainbow floor mat - Front Porch Spring Decorations

A rainbow wooden floor mat is excellent for front porch spring decorations since it will give your guests a warm welcome into your home. Lowes teaches you how to build one from pine board painted in cheerful colors, so be sure to check out their tutorial.

Besides being a decorative piece with a spring motif, a rainbow wooden floor mat is functional. For example, it prevents dirt and debris from being tracked inside, which helps keep indoor floors clean. They also provide traction for people entering the home, reducing the risk of slips and falls on wet surfaces. And because it’s made of wood, you can easily clean it with a water hose.

45. DIY multicolored kitchen chairs

Multicolored chairs - Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

Multicolored kitchen chairs are a playful way to welcome spring into your kitchen decor. This type of decoration involves painting each chair in a different color or pattern to create a vibrant and eclectic look in your kitchen.

Follow these steps to paint kitchen chairs for spring kitchen decorations:

  1. Gather basic painting supplies such as paintbrushes, sandpaper, primer, and acrylic paint.
  2. Choose a color scheme that evokes the freshness of spring. For example, pastel shades work well for a soft look, while bright colors are ideal for a lively kitchen. Pinks, blues, greens, and yellows reflect the vibrancy of the season.
  3. Begin by removing any existing finish or paint from your chairs using sandpaper.
  4. Next, apply a coat of primer to each chair to ensure that the new paint adheres properly. Allow the primer to completely dry before proceeding, checking the package for estimated dry times.
  5. Paint each chair in a different color or pattern. Allow the paint to dry and, if the color looks patchy, apply a second layer of paint.

Once your multicolored kitchen chairs are completely dry, place them around your kitchen table. They will instantly add personality and charm. This DIY project is fantastic for adding personality and charm to your kitchen. And it’s significantly easier and cheaper than tackling larger projects like painting walls or cabinets. We stumbled upon this idea at The Design Files.

46. DIY ladder shelf

DIY Ladder Shelf Decor

A DIY ladder shelf is a versatile piece of furniture that elevates your spring decor since you can use it to display plants, books, and decorative accents. This piece of decor is an alternative to a traditional bookshelf or plant stand that easily blends into any home decor style, from modern to bohemian. It is functional indoors and outdoors and a great space-saver if you have limited floor space.

Although you can buy a ladder shelf, building one from the ground up is more rewarding if you have access to woodworking tools and materials since you can fully customize the project to better suit your needs and taste. For example, paint the ladder shelf in lively colors or add floral patterns to fit the springtime decor narrative.

Making It in the Mountains has a detailed tutorial for building and painting a ladder shelf, including a free plan, so check it out and start working on this spring decor piece right away.

47. DIY painted stair risers

Painted stair risers

Painting your stair risers is a fun way to welcome spring by adding small touches of redecoration throughout your home. It involves painting the vertical part of each stair, also known as the riser, with patterns or designs that reflect the season.

To create painted stair risers for spring decor, you’ll need basic painting supplies such as paintbrushes, painter’s tape, and acrylic paint in your desired colors. Begin by selecting a color scheme that reflects the freshness and vibrancy of spring. Pastel shades like soft pinks, blues, greens, or yellows work well for this purpose. Next, decide on a pattern or design to paint on the stair risers. For example, use floral patterns or geometric shapes. Use painter’s tape to create clean lines between each section of the design and start painting. Afterward, allow the paint to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape to reveal the new staircase. 

Painted stair risers are perfect for those who want to experiment with DIY home redecoration but don’t feel yet confident to commit to a larger project. They’re an easy way to refresh your home decor for springtime without breaking the bank. And if you don’t want to make permanent modifications to the stairs, use removable paint; it allows you to wipe the design clean and start over anytime. Check out This Old House for painted stair riser ideas.


Learn more useful information about DIY spring decor.

How do I get started with spring decorations at home?

There are plenty of ways to bring the beauty of spring indoors. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Bring the outdoors in: One of the easiest ways to add a touch of spring to your home is by incorporating fresh flowers and greenery. Whether it’s a vase of tulips on your dining table or a potted plant in your living room, plants instantly liven up any space.
  • Play with color: Spring is all about bright and bold colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues in your decor. From pastel pinks and blues to vibrant yellows and greens, there are endless possibilities for adding a pop of color to your home.
  • Swap out your textiles: Another simple way to update your decor for spring is by switching out your textiles. Trade in heavy blankets and pillows for lighter fabrics like linen or cotton, and opt for colorful prints and patterns that evoke the season.
  • Add some art: Artwork is a fantastic way to inject personality into your space while reflecting the season and your personal style. Consider hanging a colorful abstract painting or a nature-inspired print on your walls.
  • Embrace playful accents: Display whimsical figurines, quirky vases, or colorful candles to make your living space charming, cozy, and welcoming.
  • Create a spring tablescape: If you’re hosting a spring gathering or dinner party, consider creating a beautiful tablescape with seasonal elements like fresh flowers, colorful tableware, and playful accents. It will impress your guests and set the tone for a festive and fun event.
  • Incorporate natural materials: Add woven baskets, rattan furniture, wooden accents, and other similar decor items to create a warm and organic feel in your space.
  • Use mirrors to reflect light: As the days get longer and brighter, strategically placed mirrors will reflect natural light throughout your home. For example, hang a large mirror in your living room or entryway to create the illusion of more space while also brightening up the room.
  • Layer your lighting: To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home, layer different types of lighting throughout each room. Consider using floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lighting to create different moods depending on the time of day.
  • Don’t forget about your outdoor space: Add colorful planters filled with seasonal flowers or invest in comfortable outdoor furniture to create an inviting oasis for lounging and entertaining.

What types of flowers should I use in my spring decor?

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and cherry blossoms are classic choices for spring flowers. For a more varied look, mix in other types of blooms, like roses or peonies.

How can I incorporate flowers into my spring decor?

Include flowers in your spring decorations by creating flower arrangements in vases or jars, adding floral print pillows or curtains, or painting flowers on canvas to hang as wall art.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my spring decor?

Consider using pastel colors like light pink, baby blue, and soft green to create a fresh and airy feel. You can also add pops of bright colors like yellow or orange to create a space of energy and vibrancy.

What type of materials should I use for my spring decor?

Natural materials like rattan, wicker, and wood help create an organic feel in your space. Additionally, light and airy fabrics like linen or cotton create a breezy atmosphere.

Should I switch out my curtains for lighter ones in the spring?

If you have heavy drapes blocking a lot of light, switching them out for sheer curtains or blinds could help brighten your space. However, if you already have light-colored curtains that let in plenty of natural light, there’s no need to change them.


Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and it’s the perfect opportunity to update your home decor with fresh and vibrant touches. From incorporating natural materials and playful accents to layering your lighting and creating a beautiful tablescape, there are endless possibilities for bringing the beauty of the season into your living space. By following these spring decoration ideas, you will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will last all year long.

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