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25 DIY Spring Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door

As the weather warms up and flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to refresh your home decor with beautiful DIY spring wreaths. Discover the most creative spring wreaths to make at home with common, unusual, or upcycled crafting supplies.

Diy spring wreaths

A spring wreath is a decorative wreath made of various materials to reflect the warming season, such as flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies, and other natural or synthetic elements. It is typically hung on a front door or displayed on an interior wall to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Spring wreaths come in many styles and designs, from traditional floral arrangements to modern and eclectic options. They are often associated with Easter and other springtime holidays. Spring wreaths can also be used simply to welcome warmer weather and new growth.

There are two main types of spring wreaths: store-bought and handmade, each with pros and cons. For example, store-bought spring wreaths are convenient, polished, and available in a wide range of options, but they can be pricey and offer limited customization options. DIY spring wreaths are usually time-consuming and require skill to produce good-looking results, but they are cost-effect, fully customizable, rewarding, fun for the whole family, and add a personal touch to your home decor.

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your front door or brighten up your living room, these handcrafted spring wreaths are the perfect way to celebrate the season of renewal. From traditional floral designs to unique and modern twists, there’s something for everyone in this round-up.

Here’s a list of the creative spring wreaths described in this article:

  • DIY white and yellow tulip wreath
  • DIY grapevine wreath with side flowers
  • DIY air plant wreath
  • DIY boxwood butterfly wreath
  • DIY Dollar Tree gardening wreath
  • DIY paper leaf wreath
  • DIY accordion fold paper wreath
  • DIY cupcake liner flower wreath
  • DIY coffee filter wreath
  • DIY doily wreath
  • DIY felt flower wreath
  • DIY yarn-wrapped wreath with birdhouse
  • DIY burlap and button wreath
  • DIY deco mesh wreath
  • DIY wine cork floral wreath
  • DIY floral wood slice wreath
  • DIY wood shim wreath with paper flowers
  • DIY basket wreath with a bird nest
  • DIY floral boho hoop wreath
  • DIY flowerpot wreath
  • DIY wagon wheel wreath
  • DIY bicycle wheel wreath
  • DIY wire ring floral modern wreath
  • DIY metal tire fairy garden wreath
  • DIY garden hose wreath

Keep reading to discover more helpful information about each DIY spring wreath idea, including tutorial sources. Consult the FAQs section for additional details.

1. DIY white and yellow tulip wreath

Dual coloured tulips wreath

A white and yellow tulip wreath is a beautiful and elegant spring decoration made from fresh or artificial tulips in shades of white and yellow. It features a circular arrangement of tulips, with the white flowers providing a crisp, clean backdrop for the sunny yellow blooms. The overall effect is one of springtime freshness and brightness, making it a popular choice for Easter or other seasonal celebrations. 

Check out the step-by-step tutorial at Home Stastrophere to learn how to easily create a spring wreath with white and yellow tulips, a branch wreath form, and a decorative hook.

2. DIY grapevine wreath with side flowers

Twisted branch wreath with side flowers

A grapevine wreath with side flowers is a rustic spring decoration that combines natural elements with delicate floral accents. It works well for those who want a more elegant wreath for wedding decor or outdoor gatherings.

The base of the grapevine spring wreath is made of branches that have been twisted together to create a circular shape. One side of the wreath has clusters of flowers and foliage attached to the branches, adding a touch of color and elegance to the overall design. Use small-sized flowers with a delicate appearance, such as baby’s breath, lavender, or daisies.

Visit Afloral to get the list of materials and step-by-step instructions for making a grapevine spring wreath with side flowers.

3. DIY air plant wreath

Handcrafted air plant wreath

An air plant wreath is an all-natural spring wreath that uses low-maintenance indoor plants. Create this wreath by arranging Tillandsia varieties in a striking circular pattern on a grapevine wreath, adding more natural embellishments like moss and lichen. Calypte Collection provides a complete guide for bringing this indoor spring wreath to life.

4. DIY boxwood butterfly wreath

butterfly wreath

A boxwood butterfly wreath is an elegant and charming spring decoration that uses a symbol of transformation and grace, thanks to the delicate wings and vibrant colors of butterflies. Additionally, butterflies are believed to bring good luck and positive energy to a space.

Fun365 has an intuitive guide for crafting a boxwood butterfly spring wreath using artificial flowers and greenery, baby’s breath stem pieces, a boxwood garland, feather butterflies, and pink satin ribbon.

5. DIY Dollar Tree gardening wreath

Diy dollar tree gardening wreath

A Dollar Tree gardening wreath is a fun and creative spring decoration made from inexpensive materials found at the Dollar Tree store. Design Improvised teaches you how to make this unique wreath using a grapevine wreath, craft paint, artificial flowers, and a wooden watering can for less than $15. The result is a cheerful decoration that celebrates the joys of gardening, ideal for a plantsman.

6. DIY paper leaf wreath

Paper Flowers - DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

A paper leaf wreath is a simple way to bring the beauty of spring into your home. Made entirely of paper, this modern spring wreath can be crafted in various pastel leaf colors of the same size to mimic. Or, pick soft green hues and makes cutouts of different sizes to resemble authentic leaves and create an organic feel that will bring the outdoors inside. 

Check out our paper leaf wreath tutorial for the complete list of supplies and instructions. Hang this spring wreath on an interior door or use it as a backdrop for photoshoots – it will bring a sense of freshness and renewal to any space it graces.

7. DIY accordion fold paper wreath

Diy accordion fold paper wreath

An accordion fold paper wreath is a beautiful and easy-to-make spring decoration with flower patterns. The Craft Patch Blog shows you how to make this project using a custom cardboard wreath and accordion fold paper with a floral motif. For example, use leftover scrapbook paper or gift wraps with floral patterns to create a unique design. Craft accordion fold paper pieces in varying sizes and carefully arrange them on the wreath form, stacking them together. The resulting wreath is gorgeous for adorning an interior door or empty wall, especially as a backdrop for photoshoots.

8. DIY cupcake liner flower wreath

Diy cupcake liner flower wreath

A cupcake liner flower wreath is a creative spring decoration made from colorful paper cupcake liners. Visit CBC Parents to learn how to make this design using a painted paper plate with the center cut out as the wreath form. To craft a flower, stack two cupcake liners of different colors, cut the top layer to create a wavy line, and add a button or sequins to serve as the flower centers. Then it’s just a matter of gluing the flowers to the wreath form.

This DIY project is excellent for parents and kids to spend quality time together crafting a spring wreath. For example, have the kids paint the paper plate, attach the flower centers, and glue the flowers to the wreath form.

Making a floral spring wreath out of colorful cupcake liners is versatile since you can pick your favorite color scheme for the flowers. For example, use yellow and purple cupcake liners to create pansies, or yellow and light blue liners to make forget-me-nots. Alternatively, use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet cupcake liners to make a rainbow-themed wreath for St. Patrick’s Day or kid’s birthday party.

9. DIY coffee filter wreath

Diy coffee filter wreath

A coffee filter wreath is a unique spring decoration made of coffee filters. This DIY project comes from May Arts and produces a flamboyant wreath worthy of a wedding. The tutorial teaches you how to decorate a standard wreath form with hundreds of coffee filters to create soft, delicate-looking layers of white petals that resemble fluffy clouds or snowdrifts. Feel free to embellish the coffee filter wreath with artificial flowers, such as burlap or canvas.

10. DIY doily wreath

Doily - Handmade Spring Wreath Ideas

Welcome the spring season with a delicate and charming doily wreath that adds an elegant touch to your home decor. This vintage-inspired wreath is made of lace paper doilies, which can be arranged in various patterns and sizes to create a beautiful texture that catches the eye. 

Check out our doily wreath guide for the necessary supplies and step-by-step instructions. It’s great for adorning an interior door or creating a backdrop for tea parties since it evokes nostalgia and romance.

11. DIY felt flower wreath

Diy felt flower wreath

A felt flower wreath is a charming and cozy spring decoration made from soft felt fabric. The flowers are created by cutting out various shapes of felt, layering them together, and securing them with hot glue or stitching.

Head to Michelle’s Party Plan It to learn how to make an intricate felt flower wreath. A die-cutting machine is key to cutting perfect flowers. Then it’s just a matter of wrapping a foam wreath with burlap and lace before attaching the flowers. The burlap adds rustic charm, while the lace creates a romantic, intimate vibe. Paired with soft shades of pink, yellow, and green, this felt flower wreath becomes worthy of an outdoor, nature-themed spring wedding.

12. DIY yarn-wrapped wreath with birdhouse

Diy yarn wrapped wreath with birdhouse

A yarn-wrapped wreath with a birdhouse is a charming and cozy addition to any home decor for spring, which cleverly uses yarn to create a beautiful wreath and birdhouse. This DIY project belongs to Pillar Box Blue and uses multicolored yarn and fabric scraps to dress up a polystyrene wreath ring. It uses a template to create the birdhouse from cardboard, covering it with wadding and stitched fabric. Visit the website to download the free birdhouse template and follow the step-by-step instructions.

This spring wreath is a great way to use leftover yarn and fabric from previous crafting projects. It is a fun project you can tailor to your personal style and taste. For example, pick your favorite color scheme for the yarn and fabric scraps, such as pastel shades for a soft look or vibrant hues for a bold appearance. Additionally, you can use more embellishments to adorn the yarn-wrapped wreath, such as a tiny bird and nest.

13. DIY burlap and button wreath

Diy burlap and button wreath

A burlap and button wreath is a charming rustic decoration that infuses springtime charm into your home since it is embellished with colorful flowers. This DIY project comes from Fun 365. The guide teaches you how to wrap a foam wreath form with wired burlap ribbon, create burlap petals and assemble them into flowers, and embellish the flowers and wreath form with various buttons. The finished product should be a cozy and inviting decoration with a homespun feel, thanks to the combination of natural burlap fabric and colorful buttons. This type of wreath is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and comfort to any space, whether it’s hung on a door or used as part of a larger display.

14. DIY deco mesh wreath

Diy deco mesh wreath

A deco mesh wreath is a type of decorative wreath made from a lightweight, flexible ribbon-like material in various colors and patterns. This material is durable, which is perfect for an outdoor spring wreath. For this DIY project, wrap deco mesh around a wire frame to create a full, rounded wreath shape. For additional embellishments, use any spring-themed accents such as colorful flowers, ribbons, and ornaments.

Life Family Fun has a simple tutorial for making a deco mesh spring wreath, so be sure to check it out. It uses white deco mesh, sparkle mesh, pipe cleaners, a metallic “spring”, artificial flowers, paint, and various ribbons.

15. DIY wine cork floral wreath

Diy wine cork floral wreath

A wine cork wreath is an eco-friendly spring wreath made entirely from recycled wine corks, adding a touch of rustic charm to any living space. The natural texture and warm color tones of wine corks will spark conversations among guests, and you get to display your love for wine in a unique manner.

Check out our easy wine cork wreath tutorial to learn how to make this handmade spring wreath. In addition to wine corks, you will need paper, a round wooden board, acrylic paints, silk ribbon, and a felt butterfly.

16. DIY floral wood slice wreath

Diy floral wood slice wreath

A floral wood slice wreath is a rustic spring wreath made from slices of wood that have been cut from a tree trunk and decorated with artificial flowers.

Visit Ruffles and Rain Boots for a simple tutorial on making a floral wood slice wreath for spring using wood slices, a wire wreath, artificial flowers, and ferns. This DIY project is versatile since you can use any artificial flowers representing the renewal season, such as daffodils, hyacinths, or tulips. Consider using genuine flowers to create a natural though ephemeral spring wreath.

17. DIY wood shim wreath with paper flowers

Diy wood shim wreath with paper flowers

A DIY wood shim wreath with paper flowers is a novel idea for decorating your home with a rustic spring wreath. To make this wreath, you will need thin pieces of wood called shims that can be found at most hardware stores. Stain the shims and arrange them on a flat floral craft ring. To make 3D paper flowers, cut circular patterns, make small slits, and interlock the discs. Check out DIY Passion for the complete list of supplies and step-by-step instructions.

18. DIY basket wreath with a bird nest

Diy basket wreath with a bird nest

This unique spring wreath consists of a big squat round bottom basket showcasing a bird nest. A bird nest is a commonly recognized symbol of spring, representing new life and growth; the sight of a bird carrying twigs or bits of grass to construct its nest is often seen as a sign that winter is ending and warmer days are ahead.

Check out Your Cozy Home to learn how to build a spring wreath out of a big squat round bottom basket, an artificial bird nest, a small bird, faux eggs, pussy willow branches, and green moss. 

This spring wreath is perfect for nature lovers or those who enjoy rustic decor. Hang it on doors or walls, or use it as a centerpiece for special occasions like Easter celebrations.

19. DIY floral boho hoop wreath

floral boho spring hoop wreath

A floral boho hoop spring wreath is a beautiful and trendy decoration that brings together elements of nature and bohemian style. It is ideal for home decor, wedding festivities, and other special events.

This spring wreath DIY project belongs to Homemade Lovely and uses an embroidery hoop, large artificial flowers, and ribbons like lace, satin, and floral prints. You can also incorporate other natural elements that fit the boho style, such as twine or macrame knots. The key to capturing the essence of boho’s free-spiritedness is using soft hues in assorting colors, including earthy tones and textures.

20. DIY flowerpot wreath

Diy flowerpot wreath

A flowerpot wreath is a delightfully creative spring decoration made from small flowerpots and artificial flowers. This DIY project belongs to Confessions of a Plate Addict and teaches you how to build this spring wreath using terracotta pots in various sizes, a grapevine wreath, twine, moss, floral foam, faux flowers, and artificial greenery.

Customize this flowerpot wreath by painting the pots and mixing various spring-blooming flowers like yellow daisies, pink roses, or white carnations. The resulting wreath will be heavy due to the terracotta pots, so you should attach it to the door using a sturdy solution, such as a command hook.

21. DIY wagon wheel wreath

Wagon Wheel - DIY Flower Wreath Tutorial

A wagon wheel wreath is a rustic and charming spring decoration that adds a touch of western flair to any home or outdoor space. This DIY project belongs to Lydi Out Loud and features a wreath base made from an old wooden wagon wheel. The wheel is adorned with a eucalyptus and beach basswood bush, Ranunculus stems, a peach Ranunculus bush, a blush ribbon, and a mini galvanized metal watering can.

There are many other ways to craft a farmhouse spring wreath with a wagon wheel at its core. For instance, add natural elements like twigs, branches, and dried flowers. For more embellishments with rustic accents, use burlap ribbon, metal stars or horseshoes, and feathers. With its unique style and vintage appeal, a wagon wheel wreath is sure to make a statement wherever you display it.

22. DIY bicycle wheel wreath

Diy bicycle wheel wreath

A bicycle wheel wreath is a unique spring wreath made from an old bicycle wheel with flowers, ideal for a cycling enthusiast who appreciates repurposing materials into creative decor. The spokes of the wheel create a natural frame for the wreath; attach decorative accents such as flowers and ribbons to the spokes using wire or zip ties. It is also possible to embellish the center hub of the wheel with elements such as a bow or a small sign. Visit Crafty Little Gnome to learn more about crafting a bicycle wheel wreath.

23. DIY wire ring floral modern wreath

Diy wire ring floral modern wreath

A wire ring floral modern wreath is a unique and stylish take on the traditional wreath, ideal for spring decorations. Instead of a circular base made from natural materials like branches or vines, this wreath uses a metal wire ring as the foundation. It is ideal for those who prefer a more contemporary style but still want to incorporate natural elements into their decor.

Check out our intuitive guide for making a modern spring wreath using a wire ring, faux flowers and greenery, and wire. Use any combination of colors and textures to create a custom look that matches your home decor. Feel free to add other decorative elements, such as ribbons.

24. DIY metal tire fairy garden wreath

Fairy Garden - Front Door Spring Wreath Ideas

A metal tire fairy garden wreath is a whimsical and enchanting spring decoration that captures the essence of nature’s rebirth. It features a circular base made of a galvanized metal tire hanger stuffed with foam and decorated with a hanging moss mat that sets the magical setting. Afterward, it’s only a matter of populating the setting with fairy garden characters, such as scrapbooking flowers, a dragonfly, a birdhouse, fairy figurines, a mushroom house, and LED string lights.

Visit Create Craft Love for the necessary supplies and instructions on making a fairy garden spring wreath. Thanks to this tutorial, you will create a lush and vibrant display with intricate details. Each element is carefully arranged to evoke a sense of magic and wonder, making it a perfect addition to any fairy-themed decor or outdoor garden space. 

25. DIY garden hose wreath

Diy garden hose wreath

A garden hose wreath is an innovative way to repurpose an old garden hose and turn it into a beautiful spring wreath. To make it, coil the hose into a circular shape and secure it with wire or zip ties. The colorful and flexible nature of the garden hose creates an eye-catching decoration, particularly when embellished with flowers and bows. Visit Create Craft Love to follow the instructions for this eco-friendly DIY project. It embellished the garden hose wreath with an artificial flower bouquet, using colorful ribbon-tied garden hoses instead of cellophane wrap.


Discover more helpful information about handmade spring wreaths.

What materials are commonly used to make spring wreaths?

Common materials for making spring wreaths include real or artificial flowers, greenery, grapevine wreath bases, wire frames, ribbons, and other decorative elements like butterflies or birds.

Can I use a spring wreath outdoors?

Yes, many spring wreaths are designed for outdoor use as long as the materials used can withstand the elements. For example, use wire, wines, mesh, succulents, green leaves, burlap, and artificial flowers.

How do I hang my spring wreath?

There are several ways to hang a spring wreath, depending on where you want to display it. For front door display, use an over-the-door hanger or a suction cup hook. For indoor display, use a nail or adhesive hook.

How do I care for my spring wreath?

To keep your spring wreath looking fresh and beautiful, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or moisture for prolonged periods of time. Spritz it with water occasionally to keep any natural flowers and greenery hydrated.

How do I store my spring wreath when not in use?

To keep your spring wreath in good condition when not in use, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Wrap it in tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect it from dust and damage.

Are there any eco-friendly options for spring wreaths?

Yes, environmentally-conscious spring wreaths use natural materials like dried flowers or herbs, moss, or recycled materials like cardboard or fabric scraps. If you prefer fresh flowers and greenery, seek sustainably sourced products.


Creating a DIY spring wreath is a fun and easy way to add color and personality to your home. This article has provided creative spring ideas to help you get started. By following the simple steps outlined in the tutorials referenced on this page and using your creativity, you will design a unique wreath to impress everyone. Check out more spring decor ideas.

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