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What Colors Go with Burgundy? 10 Complementary Colors for Home Decor, Fashion, and Weddings

Burgundy is a classic and timeless color that adds ambiance and sophistication to any space, especially when paired with other colors. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, spice up your wardrobe, or plan your wedding, these colors are the perfect complement to burgundy.

what colors go with burgundy

This article discusses the best colors that go well with burgundy: navy blue, teal, coral, silver, purple, forest green, black, white, charcoal, and gold. Before finding out more about each option, learn more interesting facts about the color burgundy. Check out our tops for using burgundy in home decorations and get more info from the FAQs section.

What you need to know about the color burgundy

  • Burgundy is a dark red-brown color with purple undertones. The hex code of burgundy is #6A1C36.
  • The color burgundy gets its name from the Bourgogne, the Burgundy wine region in France. So the color burgundy is associated with fine wine.
  • During the Middle Ages, burgundy was one of the most popular colors for clothing, especially for nobility and those of high status. Many British monarchs have been portrayed wearing burgundy robes. In the 19th century, synthetic dyes made it possible for everyone to wear burgundy, not just the wealthy.
  • Burgundy can be considered a shade of red or brown.
  • The color burgundy is similar to Merlot (#73343A), Bordeaux (#4C1C24), Redberry (#701f28), and Berry (#A01641).
  • Burgundy is associated with rich jewel tones.
  • European Union passports usually have burgundy covers.
  • You can make burgundy by blending red and blue pigments.
  • In color psychology, burgundy symbolizes strength, determination, power, sophistication, and elegance. These qualities make it an ideal color for business suits and other formalwear, as it conveys a sense of gravitas and refinement.
  • In interior design, burgundy adds a touch of luxury to a space, and it is often used as an accent color to add warmth to a room or make a statement in a more formal setting.
  • Burgundy is the perfect color for fall and winter décor. Its rich hue is evocative of the changing leaves and cozy fires of the season.
  • The color burgundy is also an excellent choice for fall fashion since this shade is flattering on many skin tones and hair colors, perfect for a night out or a special occasion. And, because it is a neutral color, you can wear burgundy with almost anything.
  • Burgundy is popular for fall weddings, including wedding gowns and other formal wear. For example, you can pair it with ivory or cream to instantly create a classic, timeless look.

What colors go well with burgundy?

There are several colors that go well with burgundy, including navy blue, charcoal gray, black, white, teal, forest green, coral, purple, gold, and silver. Keep reading to find out more details about these color schemes when it comes to color psychology, home decorations, fashion choices, and wedding themes.

1. Navy blue

Burgundy and navy blue

Navy blue (#000080) is a cool, calm color that makes people think of the sea. Burgundy and navy blue are a stunning duo since both colors are rich and deep, creating a beautiful contrast often found in nature. Examples include the burgundy flowers of a rosebush against the deep blue sky, or a field of burgundy tulips against the navy blue water of a lake.

Color psychology: Burgundy and navy blue are associated with stability, strength, and conservatism. Burgundy is more traditional, warmer, and more inviting, while navy blue is more modern, sleek, serious, and reserved, so the combination creates a harmonious, timeless look.

Burgundy and navy blue in home decor
Credit: Domino, FabMood, and Jupiter10

Home décor: When used together in interior design, burgundy and navy blue can create a dramatic, elegant look. For example, using navy blue wallpaper with burgundy accents can give a room a regal feeling. Or, pairing burgundy upholstery with navy blue curtains can add a touch of drama to any space.

Burgundy and navy blue in fashion
Credit: Fashionerships, Fabulously Average, and Arm Candy

Fashion: Burgundy and navy blue are two of the most popular colors for fall and winter fashion. Often seen in sweaters, jackets, and scarves, burgundy looks especially good when paired with other earth tones like brown and green. Navy blue, on the other hand, is a great color for pants, skirts, and blouses, which also goes well with black, white, and grey. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, burgundy and navy blue are both excellent choices.

Burgundy and navy blue in weddings
Credit: Colors Wedding, Ling’s Moment, and Colors Bridesmaid

Wedding theme: The burgundy-navy blue combination is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. These two colors create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere when used together. For example, burgundy flowers with navy blue accents look stunning, and burgundy and navy blue bridesmaid dresses are a classic combination.

2. Charcoal

Burgundy and charcoal

Charcoal (#36454F) is a dark shade of gray with a blue tint. Charcoal is a cool, muted shade that goes well with almost any other color, including burgundy. Together, these colors create a rich, elegant palette that is perfect for formal occasions or cozy nights by the fireside. Plus, because burgundy and charcoal are both dark colors, they can help to disguise any imperfections.

Color psychology: Charcoal is more serious and formal than other shades of gray. Similar to burgundy, charcoal signifies strength and stability. As a result, you can use the burgundy and charcoal combination in corporate settings to communicate power and authority.

Burgundy and charcoal in home design
Credit: Creamy Life, Susie Watson Designs, and Color Stories by Stacia

Home décor: Burgundy and charcoal gray are both rich, dramatic colors that add elegance to any home décor. Burgundy is a warm, inviting color, while charcoal gray conveys a sense of mystery and intrigue. Additionally, charcoal gray is a good choice for rooms with a lot of sunlight, as it helps to reflect light and reduce heat. Together, burgundy and charcoal gray create a rich, layered look. For example, you can pair burgundy walls with charcoal gray furniture or use charcoal gray accent pieces to add depth to a burgundy-themed room.

Burgundy and charcoal in fashion
Credit: Jessica Gordon Ryan, Marry Me Tampa Bay, and Roolee

Fashion: Between burgundy and charcoal, burgundy is undoubtedly the color that stands out. You can use charcoal to add depth and dimension to any burgundy-themed outfit and make it stylish, thanks to its cool, neutral hue. For example, you can wear a burgundy dress or blouse and pair it with a charcoal skirt or pants. A pair of earrings or a scarf in either color will pull the whole ensemble together.

Burgundy and charcoal in wedding
Credit: Wedding Venues, Zazzle, and Marry and Tux Bridal

Wedding theme: Burgundy and charcoal are an ideal combination for a winter wedding. These colors create a warm, inviting atmosphere for a cozy, intimate celebration. For example, you can decorate your venue with burgundy and charcoal flowers or use these colors in your wedding invitations.

3. Black

Burgundy and black

Black (#000000) is a classic color that always looks chic and goes well with any other color. It also happens to be a great complement to burgundy. In nature, the burgundy and black combo is observable in many contexts, such as flowers with burgundy petals and black centers, bird feathers, and insect wings.

Color psychology: Black is a powerful color often associated with authority, strength, and prestige. Paired with burgundy, black conveys a sense of sophistication and elegance, creating a wealth of visual interest.

Burgundy and black in home decor

Home décor: Burgundy and black make a great combination for interior design. For example, you could use burgundy wallpaper with black accents, or pair burgundy upholstery with black curtains. This color palette is perfect for creating a dramatic, elegant look.

Burgundy and black in fashion
Credit: Ruth Bright Carroll, Padlocks and Pearls, and Elizabeth Meigher

Fashion: The burgundy-black mix is perfect for fall and winter, and it can also be worn year-round. Besides, it’s easy to wear these two colors together. For example, you can team up a burgundy dress with black heels or a black shirt with burgundy pants to create a casual look. For a formal look, pair a burgundy blazer with black pants and shoes. You can also accessorize with burgundy and black jewelry or handbags.

Burgundy and black in weddings
Credit: Burgh Brides, Magpie Wedding, and Andrew and Melanie

Wedding theme: Burgundy and black are fantastic for a dramatic, sophisticated, and stylish wedding theme, regardless of the season. For example, bridesmaids can wear burgundy dresses. Or you can even don a burgundy-black wedding dress if you prefer the goth theme for your special day.

4. White

Burgundy and white

White (#FFFFFF) is a classic color that goes well with burgundy, producing an elegant and sophisticated color palette. The rich, deep red of burgundy paired with the purity and cleanliness of white creates an unmistakable contrast that is sure to impress. Additionally, you can try burgundy with various shades of white, such as ivory, cream, eggshell, and vanilla.

Color psychology: While burgundy is associated with power and ambition, white is linked to innocence and purity. When used together, these two colors signal royalty, luxury, elegance, and refinement. For instance, burgundy and white are often used in corporate branding to communicate quality and success.

Burgundy and white in home decor
Credit: Kylie M Interiors, I Like Wallpaper, and Love Grows Wild

Home décor: Burgundy and white can be used in a variety of settings, from an intimate dinner party to a grand ballroom. Whether you prefer a classic combination or something a little more modern, these colors are sure to make an impact. For example, painting the walls burgundy and using white furnishings can create a stunning effect that conveys refinement and taste.

Burgundy and white in fashion
Credit: Who What Wear, Lookastic, and Tina Lee

Fashion: Burgundy and white are often used in wedding ceremonies, where the bride might wear a white gown with burgundy accents, and the groom might don a burgundy tuxedo with a white shirt. In a non-formal setting, you can wear a burgundy dress or skirt with a white blouse, as well as sparingly use these colors in accessories like shoes, jewelry, or handbags.

Burgundy and white in weddings
Credit: Pirouette Paper, Ivory and Beau, and Calyx Floral Design

Wedding theme: The burgundy and white combination is a popular choice for wedding colors, especially in the fall and winter. They convey sophistication, elegance, and style, making them for invitations, decorations, and the wedding cake. You can also ask your bridesmaids to wear burgundy dresses with white accents.

5. Teal

Burgundy and teal

Teal (#008080) is a beautiful deep-blue color that goes great with burgundy. When pairing these two colors together, you can use different shades of teal and burgundy, or a shade of teal and one of burgundy. For example, pair a teal top with a burgundy skirt or pants.

Color psychology: Teal shares qualities with its parents, green and blue: openness and relaxation from blue, together with freshness and renewal from green. Teal makes burgundy livelier and more approachable. The burgundy-teal combo also boosts creativity and imagination.

Burgundy and teal in home decor
Credit: Melanie Jade Design, Etsy, and This Is Glamorous

Home décor: Burgundy and teal inspire calmness and serenity in interior design, so the two colors are fantastic for bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, you can create a romantic look in your bedroom by using burgundy bedding with teal accents. To add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, use teal towels with burgundy rugs or shower curtains. However, it’s important to not go overboard since the color combination can instantly make a space feel overwhelming.

Burgundy and teal in fashion
Credit: Dietawplanach, Scarlett in Disguise, and 90s Outfit

Fashion: Wearing burgundy and teal together is an excellent way to make a statement since the vibrancy and playfulness of teal offsets the luxury and opulence of burgundy. For instance, you can try a burgundy top with teal pants or vice versa. You can also mix and match different shades of each color, like deep burgundy with light teal.

Burgundy and teal in weddings
Credit: The Graceful Host, Revelry, and Etsy

Wedding theme: Burgundy and teal are two colors that can be used in a variety of wedding themes, from rustic to modern. For example, if you’re planning a rustic-themed wedding, you can use burgundy mason jars with teal ribbon for your centerpieces. If you’re having a modern wedding, you can use geometric shapes in burgundy and teal for your invitations and decorations.

6. Forest green

Burgundy and forest green

Forest green (#228B22) is a great color to pair with burgundy if you want to add a touch of nature to your style. Forest green is a rich, deep shade that evokes images of lush landscapes and towering trees. Burgundy, on the other hand, is a warm, earthy hue that conjures up thoughts of cozy firesides and tasty wines. Together, these two colors create a luxurious and elegant look perfect for any formal occasion.

Color psychology: Forest green is the color of nature, representing stability, balance, and harmony. It is a calming color that helps to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. Forest green is also thought to foster creativity, imagination, and new ideas. Coupled with burgundy, forest green inspires balance and calm, similar to burgundy and teal.

Burgundy and forest green in home decor
Credit: Real Holmes, Papeles de los 70, and Etsy

Home décor: When used together in a room, burgundy and forest green can create a warm, inviting space. For instance, you can use burgundy as an accent color and forest green for walls or larger pieces of furniture. When pairing these colors together, it is important to consider the proportions. Too much burgundy can make a space feel overwhelming, while too much forest green can make it feel cold.

Burgundy and forest green in fashion
Credit: Glam Radar, Silk Lace Wool, and Penny Pincher Fashion

Fashion: When used together, burgundy and forest green can create an elegant and refined look. For example, pairing a burgundy shirt with forest green pants produces a stylish, sharp outfit. It is also possible to create appropriate attire to match the current season. A burgundy blouse with a forest green skirt works well for a summer garden party, while a burgundy sweater with forest green pants suits a winter event.

Burgundy and forest green in weddings
Credit: Red Carpet Events and Design, Brontë Bride, and Blythe Amber

Wedding theme: Burgundy and forest green are a beautiful combination for a fall or winter wedding. They can be used together in various ways to create the perfect look for your big day. For example, burgundy tablecloths with forest green napkins would be a stunning way to decorate your reception hall. You could also use these colors in your wedding invitations and other stationery.

7. Coral

Burgundy and coral

Coral (#FF7F50) is a pinkish-orange hue named after the marine invertebrates. It is a bright and invigorating color that goes well with burgundy to create a softer, feminine, and playful look. This color combination is present in nature. For example, the burgundy leaves of a maple tree might be offset by the coral flowers of a nearby rose bush. Alternatively, a coral sunset might be accentuated by the burgundy hues of a nearby mountain range.

Color psychology: In Chinese culture, coral is a symbol of longevity. Additionally, the coral color represents warmth, acceptance, optimism, and luck. For example, the Victorians used coral jewelry as a protective talisman. The burgundy-coral combo signifies individuality, empowerment, strength, and determination.

Burgundy and coral in home decor
Credit: One Kindesign, Zazzle, and Swoon Worthy

Home décor: While deep burgundy tones add a touch of sophistication, coral provides a pop of color that brightens up any space. As accent colors, a burgundy rug or throw pillows add a touch of drama to a room, while coral curtains or lampshades soften the overall look. If you are looking to make an impact, though, you could paint the walls burgundy and the floor or furniture coral.

Burgundy and coral in fashion
Credit: Lookastic, Heather Marie, and Kendi Everyday

Fashion: When used together, burgundy and coral produce an elegant, eye-catching outfit that will turn heads. For example, pair a burgundy dress with coral heels for a night out on the town. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more subdued, opt for burgundy pants with a coral blouse.

Burgundy and coral in weddings
Credit: Gina Marie Weddings & Events, Belle The Magazine, and Belle The Magazine

Wedding theme: Burgundy and coral are warm, inviting colors, ideal for a summer wedding. To make the most of this color scheme, consider using burgundy as an accent color against a coral backdrop. For example, accentuate the natural beauty of coral table linens with burgundy napkins or centerpieces. Or, add a pop of burgundy to your wedding invitations by printing them on coral paper.

8. Purple

Burgundy and purple

Purple (#800080) is a vibrant color that goes well with burgundy since both are jewel-toned colors. In nature, burgundy and purple can be found in flowers, berries, grapes, leaves, and the iridescent feathers of hummingbirds.

Color psychology: Purple represents magic, mystery, royalty, wisdom, respect, deep understanding, and calm authority. When used together, burgundy and purple share one key quality: they both suggest a certain level of sophistication, refinement, and creativity.

Burgundy and purple in home decor
Credit: I Am Gia, Squarespace, and Pinterest

Home décor: Using burgundy and purple together in interior design is a bold choice, and this color combination can help you make a strong impression. For example, you can use the two colors as accents to add a pop of color to your space by using burgundy throw pillows on a purple sofa or purple vases on a burgundy coffee table.

Burgundy and purple in fashion
Credit: Queenhorsfall, From Luxe With Love, and Fashionista

Fashion: Wearing burgundy and purple together creates a stunning, luxurious look. You can create a monochromatic outfit or mix and match different shades, such as a deep purple dress with burgundy heels or a burgundy top with violet jeans.

Burgundy and purple in weddings
Credit: Elegant Wedding Magazine, Fab Mood Inspiration, and Elegant Wedding Invites

Wedding theme: Burgundy and purple look especially stunning in floral arrangements for fall nuptials. Bold red roses paired with lavender lisianthus make for a regal bouquet, while deep purple dahlias add a touch of romance. To use these two colors in your wedding decor, you can accent candles, table linens, and even the wedding cake to create a cohesive look.

9. Gold

Gold and burgundy

Gold (#FFD700) is a timeless color named after the precious metal prized for its beauty, rarity, versatility, and durability. When paired with gold, burgundy creates an opulent and regal look that is perfect for everything from wedding receptions to corporate events.

Color psychology: Gold is a metallic color linked with wealth, success, luxury, triumph, and nobility. The burgundy-gold combination evokes feelings of richness, elegance, and prestige. When used in branding or design, these colors convey quality and luxury.

Gold and burgundy in home decor
Credit: The Design Yard, Etsy, and Inside Weddings

Home décor: When used in moderation, burgundy and gold may create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Or you can make a space feel glamorous by using a few strategically-placed accessories in richly patterned fabrics and glittering metallics, such as a burgundy vase filled with gold-tipped roses or a gold-framed mirror hung above a burgundy sofa. For best results, pair burgundy and gold with neutral colors such as white, cream, or gray.

Gold and burgundy in fashion
Credit: SMC Fashion, Wensoal, and Penny Pincher Fashion

Fashion: Burgundy is often seen in high-end fashion, while gold is commonly used in jewelry and other luxury items. They are also popular colors for fall and winter fashion, suggesting the rich hues of leaves falling from trees and the warming glow of fireplaces. For instance, you can pair a sleek burgundy gown with a golden belt or burgundy shoes with gold accents.

Burgundy and gold in weddings
Credit: Pinterest, Zazzle, and Love and Lavender

Wedding theme: When using the burgundy and gold palette for a wedding theme, burgundy symbolizes passion, while gold represents prosperity. Together, they create a luxurious and romantic feeling. Both colors can be used in various ways to create different effects. For example, you can use burgundy for the bridesmaids’ dresses and gold for the decorations or tablecloths. Or you can incorporate both colors into the invitations or wedding cake.

10. Silver

Burgundy and silver

Silver (#C0C0C0) is a metallic gray hue that represents the color of polished silver. Similar to gold, silver is a classy color that pairs well with burgundy. This color combination is suited for holiday parties and other festive celebrations, ranging from a grand gala to a more intimate gathering.

Color psychology: Silver is associated with grace, calm, serenity, luxury, wealth, intuition, psychic abilities, self-reflection, balance, and purity. Burgundy and symbolism make a distinguished pair that conveys elegance and prosperity.

Burgundy and silver in home decor
Credit: Fab Mood, Wayfair Canada, and Pinterest

Home décor: When pairing these two colors together, you can either use different shades of silver and burgundy or a shade of silver and one of burgundy. For example, you could pair a silver top with a burgundy skirt or pants.

Burgundy and silver in fashion
Credit: Glamour Germany, Mikuta, and Vampal

Fashion: When it comes to fashionable color schemes, few combinations are as classic and elegant as burgundy and silver. This color combination is excellent for formal occasions, such as weddings, holiday parties, and other festive celebrations. For example, you can wear a burgundy dress with silver jewelry or a silver dress with burgundy shoes.

Burgundy and silver in weddings
Credit: Zazzle, Nouba, and Flickriver

Wedding theme: The burgundy and silver palette is perfect for a winter or holiday wedding. These colors can be used in various ways to create different effects. For example, you can use burgundy for the bridesmaids’ dresses and silver for the decorations or tablecloths. Or you can use both colors in the invitations or wedding cake.

Tips for using the color burgundy in home décor

Here are some tips for decorating with burgundy:

  • To create a classic and stylish look, try pairing burgundy with neutral colors like white, cream, or gray. It works well with both dark and light colors.
  • If you prefer a modern look, team up burgundy with other bold colors like yellow or orange. It also looks great with jewel tones like blue and green.
  • Burgundy looks especially rich when in velvet fabrics. Consider using this color for throw pillows, blankets, or even upholstery.
  • To add warmth and depth to a room, use burgundy in small doses. For example, accent pillows, throw blankets, and area rugs are great ways to incorporate burgundy into your home. However, it is best to balance burgundy with other colors and patterns since too much of any one color can be overwhelming.
  • In order to create a striking look in your bedroom or living room, use burgundy as the primary color of your color scheme. For instance, you can use lighter shades of burgundy for the walls and ceiling, such as #D0565C.
  • Feel free to use the color burgundy in your fall- and winter-themed home decorations, including Christmas.


Find out more useful information about the color burgundy.

What color is close to burgundy?

Two colors close to burgundy are maroon (#800000) and plum (#673147).

Does burgundy go with red?

Yes, burgundy goes with red since burgundy contains a bit of red. For example, a burgundy dress with a red cardigan would look great.

Is burgundy a cool or warm color?

Burgundy is a cool color due to its purple hue.


If you are stumped on what colors go with burgundy, consider using navy blue, charcoal gray, black, white, teal, forest green, coral, purple, gold, and silver. From classic neutrals to eye-catching jewel tones, there is sure to be a color combination that will work for you. And if you are still unsure, remember that burgundy goes great with almost any color. It’s a great way to create a fun color scheme for family photos.

What are your favorite burgundy complementary colors? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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