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How to Craft Valentine’s Day Paper Flowers in 5 Easy Steps

DIY paper flowers are a lovely way to decorate your home and make it more cheerful for Valentine’s Day. Read on to discover how to make paper flowers for February 14th in 5 easy steps.

A DIY paper flower is a handcrafted decorative piece made out of paper and various embellishments. It can be used for various purposes, such as adding color and life to a space, creating backdrops for studio photography, or even creating centerpieces for Valentine’s Day, weddings, and other events. A paper flower comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s versatile for producing unique designs, from simple to elaborate.

This guide describes the supplies and step-by-step instructions for making a paper flower for Valentine’s Day. It contains images and more tips and tricks to improve your paper flower project. You shouldn’t need more than 2 hours to finish one of these handmade blooms.


  • White crepe paper
  • Colored construction paper. We used green and yellow.
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Paper sheet
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

How do I craft a Valentine’s Day paper flower?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to craft a paper flower for February 14th:

  1. Prepare the stamens: Cut a circle with a 3-in (8-cm) diameter from yellow paper and make 2-in (5-cm) thin fringes along its edge. Fold the fringes upwards.
  2. Craft the petals: Fold a large piece of crepe paper into four, make a rough sketch of a petal, and cut out this shape out of the folded paper; you should have four petals.
  3. Assemble the flower: Stretch out the petals and glue the bottom parts to the bottom of the stamens. Arrange the petals aesthetically around the stamens, slightly overlapping them. Make sure to leave the middle of the flower open to keep the stamens visible.
  4. Craft the sepals: Make a rough sketch of a leaf on green construction paper and cut it out to create the sepals. Then, attach the sepals to the bottom of the flower.
  5. Add the finishing touches: Dip a paintbrush in paint and draw fine vein-like strands on the flower’s white petals. Wait for the paint to dry before maneuvering it. Your DIY Valentine’s Day paper flower is now complete!

More tips and tricks

Check out the following tips and tricks for improving or changing your romantic paper flower: 

  • Try mixed media: Make the flowers more durable by crafting the petals out of thin fabric, such as felt or satin. Fabric pairs well with paper, producing an artistic, mixed-media piece. 
  • Add perfume: The beauty of including fabric in this design is that you can scent it with cologne. The petals will absorb the scent and create an aromatic Valentine’s Day decoration.
  • Make a bundle: Create several Valentine’s Day paper flowers and make a stunning arrangement to impress your guests.


DIY paper flowers instantly make an ordinary space special, and they are easy to make with the right supplies and by following our tutorial’s instructions. Incorporate these handmade blooms into your home decor for Valentine’s Day to give your guests something to talk about. Check out more romantic decorations to make February 14th stand out. 

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